Our history

OMANE is a project started in 2017. Little by little, the desire to make OMANE a reality grew stronger until the brand was definitively born in 2018, mainly by working on tailor-made creations. In 2024, the story of OMANE continues and opens its doors to everyone by offering collections as well as unique creations on its online store.

Grandson of a cabinetmaker, wood was always part of Nicolas's childhood. Arriving in Paris and having worked for different leather goods brands, he understood that it was the field of creation that appealed to him the most. At the same time, he therefore begins training which will lead him to bring OMANE to fruition in the company of Marine.

From the start, the desire to add wood marquetry using small species on leather pieces is, and will remain, the common thread of the house.

The name OMANE was chosen in reference to the homonymous sultanate, cradle of the thousand and one nights and to its recognized craftsmanship. A call to travel, the brand will offer pieces that will be renewed at each stopover that the creators make.

OMANE is also and above all the first letters of the main woods which are and will be worked in order to adorn each piece of leather goods in a unique way.

O for olive wood, M for cherry wood, A for amaranth, N for walnut and E for ebony.

Finally, OMANE, a brand symbolizing the union between two materials which are wood and leather, is also the mixture of certain letters of the first names of the two creators who decided to embark on the adventure together.

Today, Nicolas makes in his small workshop, to order for personalized creations and in small stock renewed every month for the online collection. Wood and leather have the particularity of being "living" materials, each piece made is unique from its conception to its aging...

A nice journey to all of you