Stopover #1: St. Petersburg

Step 1

“It is a city of half-crazy people… There is hardly a place where the human soul is subjected to such dark and strange influences.”

Crime and Punishment, Fyodor Dostoyevsky

2nd step

It was from our hotel located on the city's most famous avenue, Nevsky Prospekt, that we were able to take the temperature of the city. Well above winter temperatures, the city buzzes with activity and warmth even in winter. The morning rising with difficulty and the evening arriving much too quickly allow us and force us to soak up the colorful facades emerging on every street corner.

Everywhere, the literary and cultural activity of the city is remembered fondly. Whether it is Anna Akhmatova, the creations of Monsieur Fabergé, the spirit of Dostoyevsky's Karamazov brothers, who had an excellent beer in one of the bars of the former imperial capital, or even tsarist architecture like Soviet, all these meetings were sources of daily inspiration.

Step 3

What we bring back in our suitcases: a collection in bold, warm colors, golden jewelry echoing the splendor of the palaces, precious woods reminiscent of Pushkin's library, the simplicity of shapes and lines evoking the teachings of Petipa.

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